"We think it, then we create it."
Unusual Minds is a creative collective and production house based in Detroit, MI. As a team, we work to cultivate innovative ideas to help new and established brands make their mark.
BRANDING: Development + MGMT + Consulting
All major brands were once small ideas, but through dedication and extensive development they became the successes they are today. Our consulting and development services are dedicated to providing our clients with comprehensive strategies to enhance ideas creating noteworthy brand presentation.
Style + Culture
Detroit Reppin is our premier streetwear brand that focuses on all aspects of the city of Detroit; the good, the bad, and the ugly. Each pieces including significant dates and imagery reflective of the cities history. The brand serves the inner city youth, young adults, as well as the surrounding cities that make up Metro Detroit.
DR Returns Summer 16'

We offer exclusive and non-exclusive licenses to our musical catalog for charity organizations, student projects, commercials, tv, film, websites, mixtapes, albums, etc.

One of our goal is to create quality imagery that not only is impactful but inspiring. Whether it is comissioned design work for our clients or an original art piece, we approach each new project with the same amount of energy and integrity to generate ground-breaking results

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MUA x Photographer
Michigan-Based Make Up Artist, Director, & Photographer. Please visit for more information.
Director x Photographer
New York, Los Angeles, Detroit Based Director and Photographer. Please visit for more information.
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